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BMX Bike BMX Bikes – There are three categories of BMX bikes: the basic or true BMX bike, the freestyle bike, and the dirt jumper or jump bike.

The true BMX bike is designed for dirt racing, and is adept at quick starts and stops over short distances. The 32 spoke wheels, which are build for rapid acceleration, are lighter than the thicker wheels of the freestyle and jump bikes which are designed to withstand the impact of ramps and jumping. Like the jump bike and unlike the freestyle bike, true BMX bikes are equiped with only a rear brake.

Examples of the true BMX bike include the Kink Curb 2013 BMX Bike, Diamondback Grind Pro BMX Bike, Shaun White Supply Co. 20″ Amp 7.0 BMX Bike, Kink Gap 2013 BMX Bike, and Eastern Bikes Cobra 2013 Edition BMX Bike.

The freestyle BMX is built for stunts and tricks. The cycle features a solid frame, front and rear brakes, grinder axle pegs, and 20 inch tires. Since the bike is designed primarily for pavement use, the tires are somewhat smoother than the true BMX models, with 48 spokes. A detangler or rotor allows the handlebars to be spun completely around without tangling the brake cables.

Examples of the freestyle BMX bike include Mongoose Spinn Freestyle Bike, Razor Quick Spin Freestyle Bike, Lombardo Freestyle Bike, and Mongoose Shield BMX Freestyle Bike.

The dirt jumper is a hybrid of the true BMX and freestyle bikes, and is perfect for trail riding and jumps. The bike combines the sturdiness of the BMX bike with the lighter weight of the freestyle bike. The dirt jumper has a a single rear brake, with thick, heavy-tread tires, and 36 13-gauge spokes and strong rims for extra strength during jumping.

Examples of BMX jump bikes include the Mongoose Intake Dirt Jump Bike, Diamondback 2013 2nd Assault Dirt Jump and Park Bike, and Mongoose Chamber BMX/Jump Bike.

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