Men’s mountain bike: Mongoose Seek’r; aluminum frame; disc brakes; front shock

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Put this item on your watch list: We will reduce the price every several days until sold. You may obtain the shipping price by using the shipping calculator below: 1/3rd of the way down this page click on the “Shipping & Payments” tab. Shipping discounts apply across almost all of our items: Check out my

Put this item on your watch list: We will reduce the price every several days until sold. You may obtain the shipping price by using the shipping calculator below: 1/3rd of the way down this page click on the “Shipping & Payments” tab. Shipping discounts apply across almost all of our items: Check out my other items! Mongoosemountain bicycle Model: Seek’r CAN DELIVER QUICKLY- the same or next day, Monday through Saturday For Payment, we’re snail-mail friendly 🙂 Used modern bike. Read the pick up / delivery terms before buying this item, especially if you’ve only bought 10 items or less on Ebay. A neighbor allowed us to have this for a low price. He said he dropped it. We found that the chain guard had been cracked and the chain had been bent. We repaired the chain. While photographing, the chain guard fell off, but most middle to upper quality mountain bikes do not have one anyway. There are remnants of the chainguard attached to the largest sprocket and we’ll try to take these off- they are removable. This bike has been repaired and is ready to use now (see testing below). This bike appears to have been garage-kept for its whole existence and does not appear to have been abused. We do not know the year of manufacture but here is the “DATE” off the sticker on the frame: XDS1125AD There are no returns allowed due to condition either physical or mechanical, but returns are allowed due to description inaccuracy or late arrival. This bicycle is for sale as-is. It was wiped down with a clean rag on which all-purpose cleaner was sprayed. It was not sprayed directly onto the stickers or into bearings or other lubricated parts. It is a dark gray frame and fork with orange rims. One the frame, fork, seat post, handle bars, rims or seat there are no bends; cracks; holes; large scuffs; large scratches; or signs of smoke or water damage. There is no rust on the major parts such as the frame, fork, seatpost, hubs, spokes, rims, brake and shifting cables. There is a bit of rust on some of the steel-colored parts like bolts in the brake levers, bolts in the front gears, bolts in the brake discs and disks themselves, but there is not enough rust to cause a mechanical problem. The rims are aluminum and there are no significant scratches; significant chips; scuffs; or apparent bends. The tires are in excellent condition and it looks like this bike has been riden less than 1000 miles. They appear to be the original tires. Both inner tubes hold air. The seat has a tiny scuff on one side, but no rip. What appears to be the original grips are dirty but all there without any cracks. Rim diameter: about 23 inchesOverall wheel diameter: 27.5 inches Length max: 68 inches (173 cm)Length frame: 40 3/4 inches (103.5 cm)Height max: 40 3/4″ (103.5 cm)Width max (handlebars): 25 3/8″ (64.5 cm) Frame’s seatpost tube length (top to very bottom of bottom bracket): 17 1/2″ (44.4 cm)Crank length (one side): 7 3/4″ (19.8cm)Weight: about 33 lbs Fork: Element 27.5″ Rear derailer: Shimano Tourney Shifters: ConcordPedals: FP-836 From the Dealig website: “The Mongoose seeker 27.5 men’s bike comes equipped with a 27.5 alloy mountain frame with suspension fork to smooth out the bumps and improved controlled riding. The drivetrain comes with 21 speeds using Shimano rear derailleur and shifting for smooth and precise shifting. The alloy front and rear disc brakes provide great stopping power. The alloy rims are lightweight and strong while the quick release seat post lever provides easy seat height adjustment. • Mongoose aluminum mountain frame with suspension fork for controlled riding • Shimano rear derailleur with twist shift shifting for easy and precise shifting • Alloy front & rear disc brakes for sure stopping power • Alloy 3 piece crank with platform pedals • Alloy rims are lightweight and strong”[end of Dealig website] Test: After repair the bike was tested upside down. The cranks were turned forward and back and the chain did not fall off. The wheels turned without inhibition. There was no unusual sound such as grinding or rattling coming from the hubs, spokes, brakes etc. Road test: The left shifter was used to put the front derailer through all 3 gears. The right shifter was used to put the rear derailer through all 7 gears. The front brake and the rear brake worked. Minor adjustment may be needed. The handlebars can be turned and the pedals turn without bends or inhibition. There are no unusual noises such as grinding or rattling. End of test. Currently this is and the other bike for sale are being stored inside a garage south of Chicago. Make sure you check the pictures and measurements carefully to see if this hood will fit your application: We used other Ebay auctions as a guide as to what model and years this will fit. We make no claims as to the physical or mechanical durability of this unit. There is no warranty on this item. This item is presented “as is” and no returns will be allowed to to condition or functional ability. We do not guarantee this body panel can be used with any particular SUV at this time (until more research is done). We recommend the buyer research what it can be used for before buying it. We will pack this in extra thick padding for local delivery. End of Unique Description About Ridgewood General Store: Ridgewood General Store has been selling for over 12 years. We start with quality items. We pack and ship valuable, fragile, and collectible items in weight-bearing boxes to preserve their condition- not just bubble wrap inside a box like other sellers. We typically give items to the shipper the same or next day – Monday through Saturday (check each auction for time frame). Returns: Low-risk guarantee: If upon receipt this item does not meet the description and, OR if item arrives after a promised specifically agreed-upon deadline date, buyer is eligible to return the item(s) within 14 days for exchange or refund of original purchase price with original shipping fee. The address to which to return item(s) is not the same as what is on the package. Before item(s) is returned, Ridgewood General Store must be notified, and Ridgewood General Store must approve the return regardless of if item is eligible: If item is returned without notification, Ridgewood General Store may not receive the item then no refund may be issued. Without notification, then if received, we may grant partial or no refund. In any case where we allow a return after AFTER 14 days of receiving, buyer pays return shipping fee(s). If the item is damaged or partially lost in shipping, an inquiry by the shipping company, and (if applicable) extra details in that item’s description will determine if we allow a return and the compensation. If the buyer uses an item, this return policy may be partially or fully void, depending on the condition of returned item(s): There will be a partial or no refund if item(s), its part(s); or its critical factory packaging are switched; stained; painted; marked; crushed; water-damaged; heat-damaged; or otherwise altered (deliberately or neglectfully) by the buyer or representative(s). If item has serial number it will be checked to see if it is correct upon receipt by Ridgewood General Store. There are no returns allowed on this item except as provided by Ebay with inaccurate description or late arrival. Warranty: There is no warranty on this item(s). Shipping: We pride ourselves on the quality of our packing, and the quickness of our shipping. We will carefully handle, pack, and ship this item in a way that will minimize the chance of any damage. If a valuable or rare item, we will place it in a weight-bearing cardboard container, which will be either double-corrugated, or heavily reinforced on the inside with cardboard and/or rigid Styrofoam. We typically pack shipping containers to the standard of being able to allow a 100-pound human to stand on the box without crushing it or the contents. In case of shipping items, tracking will be included, and insurance will be included if we deem it necessary based on the value of the item and the location to which it is being shipped. If there are any shipping costs to US above the shipping company’s shipping quote, we pre-calculated your shipping fee (in the available calculator) to cover extra shipping supplies; packing time; or forms- for example, an oddly-shaped item; and/or care for a more-valuable item; and/or extra security measures for multi-unit homes, business, or known security-risk destinations (check below for insurance/tracking inclusions in red type). Local delivery: 2-4 days. $20 + $2.00 per mile from Lansing IL: zip code 60438. This is 25 miles due south from the center of Chicago, IL. Local expedited delivery: same to next day: $40 + 2.40 per mile.Local pickup: FreeShipping: for locations over 100 miles from Chicago. There is no shipping except if the buyer arranges truck freight. We will not send this through package shippers such as Fed Ex. In this case it will be arranged through a local trucking company such as ABF, or YRC freight in Lynwood or Chicago Heights or other truck company within 10 miles of zip 60438. We must receive the shipping papers through email and the buyer must arrange payment for the shipping. we will then palletize bike or bikes. $80 for the first bike and $60 for additional bike(s) in the same shipment. Do not buy this item, unless you agree specifically with one of the 4 shipping choices above.Your satisfaction is our main goal. Have questions or complaints? Contact us right away through the Ebay messaging system. bikes 2-wheeled 2 wheel wheels wheeled casual adults men mens men’s Seeker Mongose Mongeese


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