Mongoose 16 inch Boys Bike – Trickster

July 20, 2013 - Comment

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Richard Garcia says:

best bang for your buck This is a grate bike for growing kids, perfect for someone getting to big for there 12in bike. unless you are willing to spend a few more hundred, this is the best bike you can get. one draw back is that for being a kids bike it is a little heavy, but with no training wheels it lightens up a little. my son uses it on dirt and street with no problem. if you are looking for a new bike for the kid in your life get this one.

John says:

Cheap price for a cheap bike this is one cool little bike, my son loves it!, it comes mostly assembled and finishing assembly is easy with a few basic tools, this is a sturdy bike which should take alot of abuse, only thing missing is a kick-stand which can be bought/installed when the training wheels come off, have fun!

Anonymous says:

The manual for this bike was very difficult to understand. Most of the directions were for a different model (mountain bike) and I was better off figuring it out on my own. The bike is heavy as another reviewer mentioned and my 4 year old can’t go as fast as he could on his 12″ bike. Out of the box the chain is rubbing against a bolt on the frame. It wasn’t a peice I assmebled so it is a defect with the bike. I may need to bend the frame or grind something down because it makes a horrible noise…

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