Mongoose BMX Key Lock with Covered Chain

August 7, 2013 - Comment

Brand new in factory sealed box Product Features Heavy-duty hardened steel chain for use in high-rsik areas High-tensile steel chain is 3.5 feet long Durable nylon sleeve protects your bike from scratches Related posts: Heavy-Duty Hardened Steel Chain For Use In High-Rsik Areas – Mongoose BMX Key Lock with Covered Chain Mongoose Large Bicycle U-Lock

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TCF "TCF" says:

Quality and value Really nice, solid lock and heavy chain. Great if you don’t want to mess with a combination lock (I don’t). Compact (but heavy) if you want to bring it along on your ride. GREAT PRICE!

Branden Wellington says:

Pretty Good The product is good. I was nervous that the lock was going to be too weak and make my bike an easy target. (Live in NYC) but it’s big, imposing, and deterrent looking for thieves. The chain seems pretty tough and durable. Not as heavy as some of the other reviews stated but I have pretty strong arms sooo…Also, the chain length is pretty good. It’s not so short that you can’t put it anywhere and it’s not so long that it sags and looks weak (that’s what she said lol) but…

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